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How To Improve Your Golf Skills In A Couple Of Days

Golf enthusiasts who have become irregular in their practice will find it difficult to bounce back. Suppose your friends or colleagues are challenging you in golf, but you have let your game lapse. You can’t show up on the day of the match and expect to perform well. You need at least a couple of days of practice to improve your game. In this article, we’re sharing a few tips and techniques to improve your skill in just a couple of days.

  • One of the fundamentals that most golfers forget without regular practice is to anchor the foot. When you’re trying to hit the ball long, your feet needs to be anchored well to the ground. Now, the question is which foot? Usually, the foot behind the ball (i.e.) the right foot in the case of right-handed golfers and the left in case of the left-handed players needs to be fixed to the ground.

  • Golfers mistakenly use their hands to generate power. In fact, during the drive, it’s the whole body that needs to power the swing. To prevent the hands from affecting the swing, golfers are advised to have their right hand (in the case of right-handed golfers) close to the hip. Now, your body as a whole will help you hit through the ball.

  • The biggest drawback of not practicing for a long time is that you become tense. The natural outcome of anxiety is tight muscles. If the muscles are not relaxed the result will be either a slice or push. Develop a good pre-shot routine and try to relax before each shot. Don’t grip the club too tight; relax the forearm and finger muscles. Grip the club lightly to facilitate a smooth and easy-flowing swing.

  • Prior to hitting the ball visualize the shot you’re about to play. Imagine the flight of the ball, the distance it will travel, and the landing. Visualization will automatically relax the muscles and prepare the body and mind for the shot. Golfers are advised to take a few practice swings before playing a shot. But, it won’t be prudent to take too many practice swings before the actual shot.

  • Allow the hips to lead the downswing. As we mentioned previously, you need to swing with the body and to make that happen golfers need the hip rotation to lead the swing. When players uncoil the hips the core muscles of the body will come into play and help them achieve a long and powerful drive.

  • Start stretching and begin simple weight exercises again. You need to be ready for golf in just a couple of days. A quick way to relax, and to gain confidence and focus is by doing simple exercises.

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