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Golf Setup Basics: The Position Of Your Hands

How you can get the right swing

You can only be a pro at golf if you know the right way to hold the golf club. The right kind of grip on the club can make a world of difference to a shot. But if you don’t know how to hold the club in the proper manner, you can end up swinging and missing the ball. In order to avoid such a situation, listed below are ways on how to get that perfect grip for a master stroke.

Get a grip

The position of your hands before taking a swing is pivotal as it determines how you can create the perfect setup for a shot. It also helps influence what direction the golf club will take on the backswing and the speed of your swing.

What you need to do is find that perfect grip that allows you to use effortless strength to swing and meet the ball at impact.

Finding the right grip

To know what grip suits you best, keep your hands relaxed downwards and look at your left thumb. If it is leaning more to the right side, then you should keep your thumb at the right of your shaft and if it stays more towards the middle, keep your thumb in the middle of the shaft.

Try to not keep your thumb of your left hand on the left side of the shaft as it will weaken your grip.

Now keep your right palm square to the face of the golf club. Put your lifeline on the left thumb and keep the rest of your fingers on the shaft. Make sure you spread out the forefinger of your right hand on the shaft.

Now to test whether you have a weak or strong grip, keep your arm stretched outwards. The edge of your golf club must remain perpendicular to the floor which is called the "square" position. If the face of the club moves towards the right, it means your grip is weak and if it moves to the left, your grip is supposed to be a strong one.

Different kinds of grips

There are three kinds of grips you can try out to perfect your golf shot. The first one was invented by Harry Vardon and involves the pinkie finger of the right hand. Place the back of the finger on your left hands’ forefinger. You can also interlock the pinkie of your right hand on your left hand’s forefinger which is called the interlocking grip.

The last kind of grip is the baseball grip which is more like a baseball swing where you place all fingers on the shaft as if you were holding a baseball bat.

Some tips

Make sure you don’t hold the club too far behind as it may create a very uneven shot and scoops up the ground. Also don’t hold it too forward as the ball may not go too far with such a stance.


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