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The Easiest Strategy For Enhancing Your Pitching Technique

Score better with self-confidence

Many beginners struggle with their pitch shot because of the half swing it requires. Pitching is done when you are about 20 to 60 yards distance from the golf green. With the right technique and some practice, you can easily improve your pitching. Here is an easy strategy to help you.

Position of the ball

The position varies with every pitch shot. For a high hit, you need to have the ball forward from your position and back if it is a low shot. For a direct pitch, it should be in middle position.


Turn your shoulders as you get the club back, while your wrists are hinged slightly, in a controlled and slow way. The backswing should be done up to halfway with the club toe pointing upward. This will help in proper loft, for the ball to go high up.

Through impact and afterwards keep turning, while your wrists are firm on impact, so the ball is pitched up.

Points to remember

Follow through until you are back to halfway position. With a proper turn, you will be facing directly at the target. For better distance control, practice with a towel placed on the golf green, so you can land your ball on it. Your tempo should always be slow and well controlled.

While at address, your hands should be pressed forward. The ball should be passed before you contact the clubface.

For a higher pitch, you should open up clubface to some extent. With a wide-open face, the ball will move higher up, but with a more open face, you can lose some of the distance.

Club factors

Based on the distance you need the ball to fly and your club selection, you can decide on the distance you can move the club backwards. The one shot to master here is keeping the club parallel with the ground. When you use pitching wedge, this swing shot goes up to 15 yards.

Through your swing, acceleration should be encouraged but make sure you do not turn your hands over, while you follow through. This is why you need a firm and controlled grip. A weak grip can lead to your hands turning over. The right move is one like an underhanded softball pitch. Ensure your club is tracking the line to the target.

This is an important technique to practice. When you are skilled at it, you can go for an increasing number of pins and a better score.


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