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A Brief Introduction To Common Golf Faults And Fixes

Golf is one of, if not the most difficult games to pick up and play successfully. The pros on TV make it look so simple. See ball, hit ball. Until you go out and try it for yourself, you don’t realize how difficult and precise of a game it really is. Here are a few common faults most beginning golfers face, and how to fix them:

  • Swinging too hard

  • Improper alignment

  • Club selection

  • Routine, routine, routine

Swinging too hard

The most common mistake all beginning golfer make is to swing as hard as they can. This makes the game of golf much harder than it already is. The common misconception is that the harder you swing, the farther you hit the ball. This is not necessarily true. Distance comes from technique. Swing speed helps, sure, but it needs to be done correctly. Learning the proper technique to the swing, using the body along with arms, is more beneficial to hitting the ball further than swinging as hard as you can.

Improper alignment

Keeping your shoulders and your feet aligned together is very important. Yet, it is often something that is overlooked. It’s easy to check your feet to make sure they’re aligned, or checking your shoulders; but you always need to check both. You can use a club or an alignment stick to lay on the ground at your feet when practicing to learn how to properly align your feet. Then look along, not over, your shoulder and make sure they are lined up at the same target.

Club selection

This ties in with the first tip. Most golfers have a tendency to overestimate their distances. Hitting good shots is much more important than hitting long shots. For example, there’s no need to show off and try to power a 5-iron in a situation where you hit a comfortable 4-iron much more accurately. Choose your clubs wisely, and hit shots that you can comfortable hit and you’ll start hitting more fairways and more greens.

Routine, routine, routine

Routine is key. You see it on TV every week. Whether it’s Jason Day closing his eyes and envisioning the shot, or it’s Keegan Bradley doing whatever it is Keegan Bradley does; every golfer has their own routine and they repeat it for each and every shot. No matter how long or short the shot, repeating your routine for each one creates a more comfortable approach and generally more accurate shots.


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