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A Couple Of Great Golf Swing Simulation Drills For Beginners

We witness a perfect swing when the numerous components of pre-shot routine, setup, and swing come together as one. Furthermore, a good golfer is expected to get everything right on a consistent basis to prove his/her skills to others. All this might sound easy, but executing a perfect golf swing time and again is hard to achieve.

Golfers are not without help in improving their game. They can seek the assistance of experts to find the faults and work on the swing. Lately, a new kind of helper has gained popularity among golfers. Today, the golf market is flooded with golf aids and tools to help players better their game.

Either with the instructor or golf tools you miss out on a crucial point. There is no tension or challenge; the pressure that molds a beginner into a serious golfer. You might spend hours and hours on the driving range perfecting the swing. You might feel good about your swing, but on the course, it turns into a disaster. That’s because the conditions aren’t the same.

One of the best methods to improve fast is through the use of simulation drills. You manage to create the conditions of a real golf match and try to execute what you’ve learned. The following simple drills on the course will help beginners practice golf swings under simulated pressure.

  • Come up with a series of golf games and drills that include real match tension, challenge, and stress. Maintain a record of your performance under such pressure conditions, and based on the findings, make tweaks to your thinking process and the game. Repeat the simulated drill again to check the progress.
  • Rope in your golf buddies and arrange short friendly competitions. This won’t involve too much real game pressure. To simulate real game pressure and make the game interesting attach some kind of reward to the game or a wager. For example, the winner gets a free golf vacation or the loser pays for the brunch, etc. Bigger the reward greater will be the pressure on you to perform well on the course.
  • If the above-mentioned drills are too much pressure on the beginners, start with a simpler drill. Keep a strict record of your scores of the game with your golf buddies and prepare a chart or graph of your progress. The goal of this exercise is to get better with each friendly game. You set a target for yourself and try to achieve it.

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