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5 Fundamental Golf Driving Tips For Pure Contact

Basic tips to sharpen your golf drive

Do you practice golf in a way that the ball reaches up to the intended distance and height? Few golfers assume that when you constantly hit the golf ball at the perfect spot, you can hit your favorite shot automatically. However, it is not easy. You can follow the tips mentioned below to achieve pure contact.

Perfect gear

A perfect golf club helps you hit the accurate drive shot continually. If you select a wrong iron club, you may not be able to hit the right shot. To master the golf drive, you have to use the appropriate type of iron club.

Swing shot

Players make the error of hitting the ball hard when you take the backswing. Hence, you can change your grip and align your body parallel to the target line to gain control of the swing shot.

Head position

The head position plays a vital role while taking the golf swing. Your head must be aligned with the direction of the ball position to take an accurate swing. You must face downwards while bringing the downswing and keep the head down until the swing is completed.

You can also swing your cub from one side to another without attempting to hit the ball in order to align your stance with the ball position to hit the perfect drive.

Foot placement

The club shaft must be placed at 45? angle in relation to the ball position in order to hit the perfect drive. A golfer, professional or amateur, must bend his legs in an arched position when he takes the backswing. While bringing the club downwards you must keep your legs bent.

You must not raise your legs to come back to the normal position when you take the downswing up to the impact. The club shaft must be placed behind the ball when you bring the club down.

You may be tempted to hit the ball in a way that it covers greater distance vertically; beware this shot may hamper your driving skills.


Regular practice of the golf skills will help you develop confidence for the next game of golf with your friends. You need to allocate specific time slots to practice each shot and master it. for instance, divide your practice routine into the following sections: align your stance with the target line, power used to hit different shots, and take corrective measures to improve the weaker shots.


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