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What Makes Alamos Golf Club Such A Popular Place

Although one of the newer courses in the Algarve region of Portugal, Alamos Golf Club, which opened in 2006, is certainly very popular. Both local golfers from Portugal and those coming to the country on golfing holidays regularly cite the club as well worth a visit.

Alamos Golf Club is situated north of Portimão. It has the benefit of bordering another popular course, Morgado and with these two in such close proximity, many golfers choose to play both during a trip to this part of the Algarve. What other factors make the courses at Alamos so popular?


Although this can be said for most golf courses in the Algarve region, Alamos offers some stunning vistas as you play through your round. Perhaps the most notable are the magnificent views one has of the Monchique Mountains that form a backdrop to the course. But that’s not all you will be blessed with visually. Alamos is surrounded by beautiful blue lakes as well as farmland where the locals produce some of the incredible ingredients for the mouth-watering local cuisine.

A golfing test

As a par 71 coming in at around 5600m, Alamos is a relatively short golf course. It remains a challenge however, even for the most seasoned veteran and regularly commands an eight out of ten difficulty rating. Pay particular attention to your approach play and aim to get as close to the flag as possible as the green at Alamos are large and formed from several different levels. Most are also guarded by very deep bunkers.

Excellent course conditions and facilities

Alamos is kept in incredible condition, no matter what the time of year. As the Algarve gets plenty of sun during the season, greens can sometimes look a little bare but this is certainly not the case at Alamos. In terms of facilities, the course has a pro shop, driving range, practice putting greens and a resident professional, available to help with golfing lessons. Of course, there are golf carts on offer as well but unless you are very unfit, rather take the option of walking the course to see how a man-made feature and nature combine so fluently.

It really is easy to see why Alamos Golf Club is so popular in the Algarve and continues to attract attention from golfers around the world.


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