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How To Perform A Perfect 40-Yard Bunker Shot In The Wind

The 40-yard bunker shot in the wind is like any other on the course? No, ask golfers who have spent some years playing the game. They would attest to the fact that this isn’t like any other bunker shot and that it’s very difficult to play. By reading this article and understanding how to perform a perfect 40-yard bunker shot you’re giving yourself a good chance on the golf course. Obviously, you’ll have to practice this shot on or off the course to become master of this stroke, but this is a good start. Let’s find out how to play the 40-yard bunker shot in the wind.

Club Selection

The uniqueness of the shot begins with the club selection itself. It’s much easier to play the 40-yard bunker shot in the wind with a 9-iron than a sand wedge. You want the ball to travel 40-yards – that’s a fair distance away and at the same time beat the wind. So, you need a club that’ll help you cover this distance. In this case the ideal club to use is the 9-iron. If you’re still not convinced judge it yourself by comparing both the shots. With the same setup and stance first use the sand wedge and then the 9-iron and observe the difference. The only additional adjustment to make with the 9-iron is to open the club face more for better contact.

The Setup and Stance

With the 9-iron when you set up for the shot have a slightly open stance. Having your feet and shoulders open will help you have a better view of the target on the putting green. Not just that having an open stance will automatically help you with the posture, rotation, and body alignment. Moreover, the stance allows the shoulders to turn freely towards the target spot and have a complete follow-through. With this fully, rhythmic swing, you can generate more power and get the ball a fair distance away. So, to perfectly execute the 40-yard bunker shot in the wind one of the keys is setup and stance.

The Swing

When you swing try hitting the spot that is just a couple of inches behind the ball. Don’t forget you’re trying to get the ball off the bunker, so creating a mini explosion of sand close to the ball is very important. When hitting down make sure you do it with some force so that the ball not only escapes the bunker, but flies further, beats the wind and lands on the putting green. Following these three pointers will help you perform the 40-yard bunker shot in the wind.


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