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How To Gain Consistency Off The Tee – Free Golf Lessons

Walking off the grass with the satisfaction of having played well is the most joyful emotion that one can experience. And to get a good score, it’s absolutely imperative you gain consistency off the tee. Hitting a one off drive that clears 270 to 280 yards, while others stutter to even cross 50 yards, will only make you look bad among your golf partners.

Here are some tips to bring consistency into your drive.

  • Position the stance to maximize the drive distance
  • For a consistent, effective swing golfers need to develop the right stance. Before you strike the ball, make sure your feet are shoulder length apart. To bring power and accuracy into the drive, it’s necessary to shift the body weight from back to the front. This can be achieved by slightly bending the knees.

  • Correctly placing the ball for each swing
  • Position the ball more forward in your stance (i.e.) right of center and closer to your front foot. Many golfers find it difficult to put the ball high in the air, because compared to other clubs the driver has less loft. To remedy this, players are advised to adjust the position of the ball to get over the loft problem. By placing the ball closer to the front foot, you hit the ball on the upswing, which will help you with the loft and distance.

  • Lower your grip to get better control
  • Hold the club an inch lower from the top of the grip area. Golfers use long drive clubs for its ability to increase club speed on impact. So, lowering the grip tends to totally defeat the purpose for which it’s used by golfers (i.e.) to gain distance by increasing the club speed. But, there is good reason to follow our advice. By moving the hands a little lower you’ll gain better control over the ball, and the experts claim the loss of distance is not much.

  • Bring your hip into play
  • A drive is not only about putting the shoulder and hands into play, your hips have a crucial role too. Actually, the swing starts at the hips, and to develop consistency you must allow it to lead the way. Ideally the club mustn’t make contact with the ball until the hips have passed the impact zone.

  • Use your wrists to strengthen your drive
  • To strengthen your drive and gain maximum distance, snap the right-hand wrist at the point of impact. This technique is ideal as the left arm and hand ensure the ball is hit accurately, while the snap of your right wrist generates power.


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