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Where To Look For The Cheapest Golf Packages In Portugal

So you have decided to book a golfing holiday to Portugal. Make no mistake, it’s not something you will ever regret! But where does one find the cheapest golf packages available? Well, there are a number of ways that you can go about booking a golf package, not all of them are as cost-effective as the others, however.

Travel agents

Now if you have never booked a golf trip before, perhaps the first place you will start is your local travel agent. Although they may well be able to book your flights and accommodation, they often don’t have access to booking the rounds of golf you wish to play. They may do this online through one of the multitudes of booking sites that can be found but in all honesty, you might as well do that yourself. Travel agents will also add a commission to the booking, further pushing up your expenses.

Online golfing sites

There are a multitude of sites where you can book for both accommodation as well as green fees across the hundreds of courses found in Portugal. Sometimes, this is simply the easiest way to go as with a simple click, your accommodation and green times can be secured. Note, however, in most cases you will have to book your flights separately but that is easily done by choosing one of the low-cost airlines flying into Portugal daily during the season.

Book yourself

Your final option is to take the time and scan through the websites of the various golfing resorts in Portugal and book directly with them. Although this sometimes can be a slightly cheaper option, it is time-consuming indeed. The best way to approach this is to identify a number of courses you would prefer to play at and then compare them to see where you can make the most savings. Again, as mentioned earlier, you will probably need to set aside a good few hours to do this. Don’t forget to book flights either!

Without a doubt, the easiest way and usually the most cost-effective is by using online golfing sites to make your bookings. There are other factors that you must not forget, however. This includes flights and car rental (if needed).


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