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How I Conquered Quinta De Cima – A Complete Golf Course Review

There are so many amazing golf courses out there, courses that have been able to enthrall players from time to time. Depending on the kind of course that you would fancy teeing off from, everyone has their own preferences. There are those who love links courses, while others love to play on the fairway. There are those who enjoy a good game on a 9 hole course, while others love their games on an 18 hole course. By the end of the day therefore, everyone has something specific that turns them on when it comes to the course they want to play on.

In my case, Quinta de Cima is the best course I have ever had the chance of playing on. In fact, my experience on this course by far trumps anything that I have experienced in any other course for that matter. If you ever get the chance of coming to Algarve for a round of golf, I can guarantee you that the Quinta de Cima will be one of your best options so far.

The following is a guide on how I managed to conquer this course, and you can also follow the same and perhaps have a similar experience:

  • Information from the management
  • Practice sessions
  • Familiarize with the hazards

Information from the management

The first thing I did was to find out as much as possible about this course from the management. This is something that I normally do whenever I am about to play on any course. It helps me because with this information, it is possible to understand the nature of the course, what happens when the weather changes and so forth.

The good thing about the management here is that they are so forthcoming when it comes to providing information, and this has made it very easy.

Practice sessions

Armed with the information I needed, I went on some practice sessions, in order to get a better feel of the green. It was perfect, that much I can assure you. There is nothing that will stop you from giving your best when you have already gotten used to this course.

Familiarize with the hazards

Finally, you will need to familiarize yourself with the hazards on the course. Know where the bunkers and the water bodies are, so that you know how to handle them.


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