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What The Pros Think Of The Gramacho Golf Course

If you’re a lover of golf and have a fairly good idea of the best places to enjoy the game, then you might have obviously heard of the Algarve. At the heart of this golf region is the famous Gramacho Golf Course. This wonderful course with its 18-holes, David Leadbetter Golf Academy, and relaxing clubhouse is part of the Pestana Golf Resort, which is just 60kms from the Faro airport. Recognized as a champion course, Gramacho offers excellent conditions for both low and high handicappers. For those planning to try the Gramacho golf course, the pros have some valuable tips to share.

Hole-1 to Hole-3

  • The course has an impressive tee shot at the first hole. Off the tee stroke the ball straight, just a little short of the tree and central rock, and use a short iron for the second stroke to the green.
  • The second hole is a par-5. Here avoid the danger on the right side of the tee.
  • A straight stroke off the tee is the right choice at the third hole. Use a short iron for the second hit to the green.

Hole-4 to Hole-6

  • The fourth is a testing par-3 with an uphill putt.
  • The fifth is ideal for the drive. It’s easy and wide; just remember to stay to the left for the approach stroke.
  • The sixth is a par-5, which is wide enough for the golfers to play free strokes, but do remember that accuracy is vital when you drive at this hole.

Hole-7 to Hole-9

  • The seventh is a par-3, a fairly compact fairway with a big green.
  • The eight is an easy par-4 if you can manage to drive the ball a little right of the fairway.
  • The ninth looks from the tee to be sloping down the fairway. Go easy on the drive and try to stay left.

Hole-10 to Hole-12

  • The tenth is a very pretty par-3. Don’t be fooled by its scenic beauty; what’s pretty to the eyes – water hazard and uneven surface – is a big challenge to the golfer.
  • The next one is a very interesting hole; a little extra push will land the ball in the water.
  • The dozenth hole is a real par-5. It’s nice and long, but uphill and the sand hazard protects the green.

Hole-13 to Hole-15

  • The par-4 thirteenth hole has an elevated green with a wide open fairway.
  • A long shot is your best bet at the fourteenth hole because the cup is well nestled between the bunkers.
  • The fifteenth is problem free, if you can manage to hit a clean strike to avoid the water.

Hole-16 to Hole-18

  • At the outset the sixteenth looks like an easy par-4, but it’s a little tricky and you need to have a good accurate drive to avoid bushes on the right and the sand on the opposite side.
  • The penultimate hole is a par-4 with a drive off the tee, and the second stroke is not long.
  • The eighteenth has an uphill fairway, and the golfer needs to negotiate rocks, trees, and three bunkers to get to the elevated green.

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