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10 Facts You Might Not Know About Pestana Vale Da Pinta Golf Course

Golf in Portugal has been popular for some time now. The airport serving the Algarve, Faro has regional flights from many countries to the north and flight times are such that golfers can fly in the early morning and play later in the day. They are doing so in numbers and one of the courses that certainly deserves consideration is Pestana Vale da Pinta.

The Pestana Group owns many hotels around the world and 6 golf courses, one of which is Vale da Pinta which:

  • has regularly played host to the European Seniors Tour Qualifying Final.
  • is respected for its challenge and design.
  • was opened in 1992 and Ronald Fream’s design was immediately recognised as one of the best in the Algarve.

There are several features to the course:

  • Bermuda Grass fairways and Pen Cross Bent on the greens
  • Ornamental Lakes within a rolling terrain
  • Sheer beauty with fig, almond and olive trees, one of which is thought to be over 1200 years old.
  • The course is also supported by everything a golf party would need for an enjoyable holiday:
  • Apartments with one, two or three bedrooms
  • A swimming pool offering privacy and the chance to relax
  • Recreational facilities; tennis courts, bars and restaurants
  • A covered driving range both for warming up and practice during leisure time.

Portuguese golf presents a different challenge from that most UK golfers will face at home. The climate is an obvious difference. The Algarve is warmer and as a result courses created within a region of olive, fig and almond groves are likely to be drier, even if the addition of artificial lakes means that water is never far from a golfer’s mind. Bermuda grass is a major difference as well. It is native in warm climates though originating in the Middle East, not the Atlantic Island. Bermuda grass has deep roots and is extremely hardy as a result. Hitting an iron off ‘Bermuda’ needs care and the club head may meet more resistance when striking the ball than it would off traditional fairway grass in the UK.

Vale da Pinta is in good condition right round the year. There is no question of it ever being waterlogged and golfers wanting to escape during the middle of winter for some golf and sun could certainly do worse. The peak time for visitors is still the warmer months of the year when there are more flight alternatives.


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