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Little Known Golf Courses In Portugal Worth Your Attention

With around 100 courses in the Portugal, many get far more attention than others. This is due to a number of reasons, excellent advertising and word of mouth amongst others. That leaves a few courses that are less played than the more famous ones found at Pines Cliff, Penina or Pestana, just to name a few. Sometimes, however, it is worth trying to find these little unique gems and for this reason, we have outlined a number of courses that are played less often but are still worth a round of golf.

Isla Canela

As with most courses in the Algarve, Isla Canela has simply stunning scenery, all forming part of the course itself, including a tidal salt marsh on which it is built. This is pure nature at its finest. On the golfing side, Isla Canela is a challenge, even for veteran golfers who have played for years. A great thing about the course is that it is fairly flat, so not too much of a struggle for those who may be less fit. This saves money as there is no need for a golf cart. Look out for the obelisk in the middle of the 15th fairway. Stare at it for too long and you are sure to hit it!

Balaia Golf Course

Although many see this as a beginner’s course, it is far from that. Many more experienced golfers choose not to try for this reason, but they are missing out. Balaia can be a real challenge for golfers of all handicaps. In fact, the course is a real test of your putting as well as your short game in general. Balaia is a 9 hole course set in very undulating terrain. A buggy is essential for unfit golfers.

Terceira Golf Course

Not strictly in the Algarve, but fairly far away on the islands of the Azores, this is an extremely challenging course that will take much concentration and great technique on just about every shot. Rest assured, if your all round game is not up to scratch, Terceira will make you pay. That said, it's never a bad thing to try out really testing golf courses is it? The other advantage is that it comprises 27 holes set amongst the stunning beauty of the island.

These are just three courses that are extremely under-rated in Portugal. There are more, so be prepared to do some research to find out those hidden gems that are often missed.


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