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How To Make The Most Of Your Two-Night Golf Getaway In Portugal

A complaint that most tourists have after their vacation – we didn’t have nearly as much fun as we thought we would have. You plan the golf holiday immaculately, organize everything, book the best resort and golf courses, and list the most famous tourist hotspots to visit. But, at the end of it, you must realize that planning a holiday is completely different from your plan for fun. Here are a few tips to make the most of your two-night golf getaway in Portugal.

Do things that make you happy

Think about the members of your family or friends in the group who are to accompany you to Portugal. If everyone has a common interest; in this case, that’s golf, then do things that make everyone happy. Fill your vacation itinerary with plenty of golf. A vacation is all about doing the stuff you like the most, so don’t compromise on it.

Forget about work, focus on vacation

The person will be physically present in Portugal, but the mind would be back home; to be more precise, in his/her office. When you embark on your golf trip, leave your professional worries behind. You have only two-nights to enjoy your dream golf vacation; if you carry your worries with you there’ll be no time to have fun.

In this instance, technology can be a bane. Switch off your mobile phone or send your work related calls to the automatic call responder. Also, don’t check email during your golf trip. If completely disconnecting from work isn’t possible, appoint someone and delegate the work to that person or set a time limit, say 30 minutes per day, to attend calls, check and reply to emails, etc.

Outsource less interesting planning duties

There are certain things that cannot be planned in advance. For instance, if you’re staying in a rental villa with kitchen, then obviously it would be a waste of valuable vacation time if you spend time cooking, instead of playing golf. As soon as you land in Portugal, hire someone to cook and also clean dishes for the duration of your vacation.

Bow out with a bang

The events that happen at the end of the vacation create more impact on your mind than the things that happen earlier. You can use this bias to have more fun during your golf vacation in Portugal. Don’t spend the final few hours of your trip packing, play a round of golf and have dinner at a famous restaurant before heading to the airport.


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