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Golf Pitching Essentials: What Makes The Perfect Swing

In order to make your golf swing perfect, you must master its fundamentals. These golf swing fundamentals are the important elements, which are common in all the good swings. One of the main essential of a golf swing is to level your head and keep it steady throughout your golf swing. This is because if you look up or bob your head up and down, then it will be very difficult for you to make a firm contact with the golf ball.

Therefore, if you want to swing the right way, you must follow the below mentioned essential points that can help you in perfecting your golf swing as well as in improving your pitching and putting shots.

  1. Grip
  2. Grip refers to the way how you place your hands on the iron, with which you intend to play a game of golf. Your grip must allow your hands to collaborate and it must be comfortable. You should keep both your hands as well as the fingers of both your hands close together as much as possible. One of the most popular ways of holding the wedge is the Vardon Grip, which is also referred to as the overlapping grip.

    In this type of grip, the little finger of your right hand is positioned, so that it comes right on the top of the gap between your left hand’s middle and index fingers. One of the other popular grips is the interlocking grip, in which you interlock the little finger of your right hand with the index finger of your left hand.

  3. Stance and posture
  4. The right posture during impact requires you to make a solid contact with the golf ball and to keep the face of the club square. Then, you must bend forward at approximately 35 degrees from your hips, bend the knees, and allow your arms to hand naturally. Make sure that your spine is inclined roughly 10 degrees away from your target. The golfer must feel comfortable during impact. He or she should not be reaching for the golf ball, slouched, or standing tall enough to be too near to the golf ball.

    Keep your shoulders relaxed, as tension can limit the arc of your swing during impact, thus reducing the power. The longer your club is, the wider stance you will be able to take. Stand along with your driver, while keeping your feet a bit wider as compared to your shoulders. Your stance should increasingly narrow, as you descend towards the pitching wedge. Ensure that your posture is sufficiently wide with all your shots, so that you can keep good balance right through your swing.

These golf pitch essentials can certainly make your golf swing perfect.


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