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The Easiest Way To Fix Blocked Drives In Golf

Monitor your backswing technique

Many golfers tend to block their drives; what is the reason behind committing this error?

In an attempt to cover a long distance of the golf green, golfers mostly block the shots that are played to their right side. When they take the backswing, they adopt an open body stance quite early as a result the arms cannot grip the club properly, which leads into the hook shot.

Sometimes the blocked shots occur due to an inward swing. When you swing the club outside-in to hit a slice shot, the club blocks a perfect golf drive


It is crucial to adopt the correct stance to fix your blocked drives. Your shoulders must face the target in a square position and the left foot must be parallel to your shoulder. Transfer your body weight to the back leg by bending your knees. Place the ball close to the front foot.


Adopt full hip rotation when you take the backswing, in order to achieve an accurate and powerful golf drive.


Firstly, you must rotate the hips when you bring the club down, followed by the arms and hands. When you hit the golf ball, the left hip should be aligned with the target. If you delay in bringing down your hands properly, it will result in a blocked drive.

Follow Through

As a golfer, you would like the ball to travel a long distance of the golf green in a single shot. Complete your swinging action with a proper follow through. Otherwise, if you end the swing in a haphazard way, it may lead to a blocked drive.

In your follow through, you must bring your arms parallel to your shoulders so that you do not block the drive of your golf ball.

Practice Drill

Place a small object like empty sleeve or cover of the clubhead parallel to the position of your target line. The ideal distance of ball position is six inches away from the golf ball. You must place your clubhead at a low height, measuring the distance in accord with the object. Remove the object before taking the swing shot. Bend the club to make a natural arc; the club head should be placed at a considerable distance from the aim.

You hands must reach up to the height of your hips before you take the backswing. To get a perfect drive, the club must be aligned with the aim.


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