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4 Factors To Consider Before Booking A Golf Tour In Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and is one classic city. It is filled with antique beauty which makes it worth your time. It surely attracts people from different parts of the world due to its eye catching beauty. There are a lot of factors that should be considered before finalizing your Golf tour to Lisbon. Here are the 4 important factors that should be brought under consideration before taking a final step.

  1. Weather Conditions
  2. Lisbon is a city which has more of a Mediterranean climate and it is great for golf breaks. Usually the best time to visit this place is during August. It has long summers where sun is at the top all the time but the temperature is affordable. The starting summers are not very intense and people carry out their festivals during that time. In the months of June and July, the heat is comparatively increased so you can only enjoy the view from your terrace as it looks beautiful. In September, the weather starts changing and you can see colors around in the city, and greenery and all the natural things.

  3. The Second Oldest Capital in Europe
  4. Lisbon is the second oldest capital of the continent, Europe and is famous for its old and classic buildings. The first oldest capital is Athens. Lisbon was built in 14th and 15th century and was explored by the great discoverer, Vasco da Gama. It covers the land of 7 hills and hills are always attractive, hence making the city attractive. The earthquake of 1755 that hit different cities and countries in the Europe destroyed more than half of Lisbon which was built again after the destruction was taken in control.

  5. Golf Courses
  6. Lisbon offers a variety of Golf courses. The whole Portugal is famous for its golf courses and so is Lisbon. Lisbon provides hills for playing and the weather is just suitable for the Golfers. It never fails to catch the attention of thrill seekers.

  7. Official Language
  8. The official language of this city is Portuguese. Portuguese has a common vocabulary with Spanish but not all of it, which makes it a different language than Spanish. In Spanish, Gracias is the word for Thank You while in Portuguese, the word is Obrigado. So you should learn the few important things before visiting this country as you might fall deep in the beauty of the city and while wandering around, you might get lost, so Portuguese will be of real help.


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