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8 Helpful Hints On How To Escape A Fairway Bunker

The main thing to remember when faced with a fairway bunker is that you need to hit the ball band not the wedge of sand behind it. You need to nip the top of the ball over the sand and on to your target line. The following are 8 helpful tips on how you can get the ball out of that fairway bunker.

  • Choose a club that suits you
  • It is best to not try anything fancy and use the clubs that you normally play with. Always pick a club you are comfortable with as this shot requires control and precision.

  • Dig your feet in the sand
  • You need to have a solid foundation to make sure that you are well balanced and can hit the ball with force. You must dig your feet firmly into the sand pit to get a stable balance.

  • Position the golf ball
  • Place the golf ball a little forward in your stance so that you can get more loft on the ball and can hit it upwards without taking any sand along.

  • Grip the club
  • You will have to hold your club a little further down the shaft than usual so as to get a good grip. This will help you get the loft and aim of the shot right.

  • Align your club
  • You need to keep the face of the golf club along with your shoulders and your feet aligned towards the target.

  • Get the right aim
  • You should now try and hit the sand that lies around 2.5 centimeters behind the ball so that you get the least amount of sand as possible.

  • Keep your wrists nice and firm
  • Make sure that your wrists are firm and tight so that you don’t lose control of the club while taking the shot. If your hands are sweaty, wipe them off before taking the shot.

  • Follow through
  • Put in as much speed and length on the upward swing as you did on the downward swing so that you can follow through properly and maintain your balance. You need to keep your target line in mind at all times, as this should be your sole focus. If you don’t have a target line, your ball can go to the right or the left of where you actually want to hit it and you will not even know.


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