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5 Tricks To Help You Achieve Pure Contact With The Golf Ball

How do you connect a ball in such a way that it reaches the exact height and distance you intended? Some players believe that if you hit the ball in the sweet spot every time, you will automatically get the desired shot. But there’s more to it than that. Here are five tricks that will help you achieve correct contact.

  • Don’t swing hard
  • A big mistake during the swing—especially during iron play—is trying to hit the ball as hard as you can. If you think that hard hitting is going to win you distance, think again. Hitting the ball hard is actually more likely to set you back because of a compromise on aim and control.

  • Know your gear
  • Knowing what each of your golf clubs do is just as important. If you constantly select clubs that are not capable of performing the way you want, settle on the fact that your capabilities have not yet reached a point. Your own capabilities must match the shot that is about to be made.

  • Keep your head down
  • Keeping your head focused on the ball during the entire swing is crucial. Many golfers fail to remember this aspect and their shots always fail as a result. Resist the temptation to lift your head at the end of your swing or you will pay the price.

  • Keep your legs steady
  • Your legs will usually be bent during a golf swing. Don’t lift yourself by straightening them when the downswing connects the ball. This subconscious need to scoop the ball upwards does more damage than just about any other error in golf.

  • Have confidence in your abilities
  • Mental preparation will take you far in golf. How long do you take to strategise your shot? Once you address the ball, how long do you calculate the shot in terms of aim, shot power and check points? Taking your time with each shot will do wonders for your confidence and your subconscious technique.

As you can see, all five of these points need to work together in order for pure contact. Try to implement all five into your next drive session and be sure to remain conscious of every aspect at once. You will soon start seeing a huge improvement in your drive, your iron play and even your chip shots.


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