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How To Find The Best Accommodation For A Family Golf Break

Accommodation is an important element of a golf holiday. After hours of travelling you need a place to relax and recuperate before heading off to the golf course. It also serves as your home away from home for the duration of the vacation. Finding a comfortable accommodation is prerequisite for a memorable golf break. A pretty sizeable percentage of golf tourists prefer to plan and organize their own holiday instead of choosing an off the rack golf vacation package. Although it’s time consuming and hard work, finding your own accommodation is worth the effort. To help you with this task we share a few valuable tips on how to find the best accommodation.

Research the location

To enjoy your golf getaway, it’s crucial you select the accommodation in the right area. Location matters a lot, so research the area where you want to stay, gather information about the neighborhood. Check out how far the resort or hotel is from the golf course, how far is the local hospital or emergency care, transport connectivity and facility, are there any shopping malls in the vicinity, etc.

Resort vs. Hotel vs. Others

Tourists will be lost in choice when it comes to accommodation options. Until a decade ago hotels were the only option available to golf tourists on a limited budget. With resorts offering huge discounts and the range of options expanding to include holiday apartments, villas, and home exchange facilities holiday makers get to pick the one most suited to their needs. Your decision must depend on the size of your group, the budget, and your requirements.

Searching for the best accommodation

Once you’ve made up your mind on the location and the type of accommodation to choose, move to the next step – Searching. The most efficient method of searching an accommodation nowadays is tapping the power of the internet.

The majority of the holiday accommodation options have websites that publish all the necessary information that a tourist would want to know. You can check out for any discounts or special offers that the resort or hotel announce regularly.

To make the planning process easier and simpler many third-party travel portals have sprung up on the internet. You can select the location, budget, and other parameters and then based on that search for the best accommodation options. Most portals also have the compare feature so that you can pick and match various deals before taking a final call.


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