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Golf Swing Drills Every Senior Player Ought To Try

Age is just a number; don’t let others mislead you into thinking something else. Often people comment that with age certain physical limitations set in and the power and accuracy of the swing diminish. That’s absolutely false. With certain swing drills senior golfers can stroke the ball as well as ever. The swing drills given below are simple; seniors can practice these drills at the driving range.

Ladder Drill

To correct the aim inconsistency that has crept into your swing try the Ladder Drill. On the golf course or practice range, just drop a ball on the ground and assume a normal stance. Use a free club to correct your stance. The extra club must be placed on the ground, its shaft touching the toes of your feet. Observe the direction the extra club is pointing. If the club is pointing to the left of the target, that’s where the ball will fly. Or if it’s pointing to the right, the ball will fly to the right of the target. Depending on the direction you want the ball to take, make necessary adjustments to the stance and practice the swing.

Follow Through Drill

There are certain points in a swing that have a huge impact on the outcome of the shot. One such point is when you un-cock the wrist and the club turn at the point of impact with the ball. Any error here can result in the ball going right or left of the target. Similarly, there are vital points in a swing like the one where the backswing and follow-through ends, etc.

The follow-through drill would help you analyze, identify, and correct the various errors that occur during the swing. Assume a normal stance and swing the club. Use just 50% of the power you’ll normally use while playing a shot. Take the club back till it creates the shape L with your arm. Swing down and observe the point of impact, your wrist turn at impact, and the follow-through. Like the backswing the follow-through too must create a reverse L shape.

Observe the swing, analyze it, and make the necessary adjustments. Practice the swing at 50% speed. After a few swings, increase the speed to 70% and repeat the four steps – observe, analyze, identify, and correct, to right the swing errors by changing the grip, arm angle, writs movement, etc.

Penny Drill

This is a very useful drill to stop topping the golf ball, plus it helps golfers hit the ball off the turf swiftly. Place a penny or similar looking coin on the turf, instead of the ball, and hit the coin as you would do with the ball. That’s it, this drill is very simple. When practicing this drill on the driving range use different clubs and try to hit the coin as high as possible.


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