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Free Putting Instruction For Senior Golf Players

Analyze the games you have performed exceedingly well over the years. We guarantee you’ll find the putting game has played a major part in your success. It’s only normal because nearly half the shots in a par-72, full-size course are played on the greens. The putting play assumes even more importance if you’re a senior golf player. As you age you might lose the ability to hit 220-yard drives, but the putting play will help you maintain a low score. For senior golf players wanting to learn or improve their putting, here is easy to follow putting instruction.

Eyes directly on top of the ball

Players, who manage to keep their eyes directly on top of the ball, naturally play a pendulum-like putting swing. In the pendulum swing the club head goes straight back and hitting through the ball goes straight forward. With this swing, senior players can improve their accuracy and control over the distance the ball travels.

Experts advise a pendulum swing because of two reasons: (i) The full face of the putter goes through the target line, and (ii) All your power muscles are active in a straight putting swing. With power muscles in play, you gain better control over the speed and distance.

How to keep the eye on top of the ball

There are traditional methods of improving putting (i.e.) practicing and using putter drills. But, there are also many tools and golf aids available in the market you can use to effectively improve the putting play. We’ll check out a tool called Putter Wheel. If used correctly, this method will teach you to keep the eyes on top of the ball and master the pendulum swing technique.

The Putter Wheel Method

The Putter Wheel is nothing but a wheel shaped golf ball. The wheel, flat on either side, helps improve your alignment as well. With this tool only accurately hit putting shots will reach the target. The putter wheel will wobble and stray off the target line if players mishit the ball or if they don’t use a pendulum straight swing.

How does the Putter Wheel help keep your eyes on the ball?

Assume the putting stance and place the putter wheel where the ball must be. Now, adjust your stance so that your eyes are directly on top of the wheel. The golf ball dimples and not the flat, colored sides of the wheel must be clearly visible to you. If you see the flat side, that’s facing you, move closer to the ball, but if the opposite side is visible, step back a little.


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