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Easy Golf Courses In Central Algarve: Top 5 Hot Spots

It is not always easy to come across a golf course that you can own based on your style of play. This is particularly for those who are just starting out and learning to find their way in the game. Over time you will however realize that everything you need to know about golf and enjoying a good time rests in your determination to succeed, and your ability to go the extra mile.

Say you are coming to Central Algarve for a golf break and you are looking for some of the top golf courses where you can play and have a good time, without necessarily struggling as a beginner or a semi-pro player. What are some of the options that you should look into? We will narrow down on some good courses here, because you can learn so much from there even as you are playing:

  • Quinta da Ria
  • Laguna Golf
  • Gramacho
  • Alamos
  • Castro Marim Golf

Quinta da Ria

This is a beautiful course and you will be able to learn so much from here. Consider the fact that it was specially designed to take advantage of the natural settings in the Nature Reserve by Rocky Roquemore, and you will be looking at one of the best courses to try your hands on so far.

Laguna Golf

One of the main reasons why you might need to strongly consider playing on this course is because of the fact that it is designed in such a way that it makes you feel like you are playing on a normal links course. The water hazards are unique however, and you will have to avoid them at all costs.


This is an 18 hole course that was carefully and strategically remodeled from the original 9 hole course that it once was. You can imagine how much fun you can have on this course. Beating the hazards and the challenges are a sure way to make you more confident in your style of play.


This is currently one of the newest courses in Algarve, so you can be sure that when you come here you will be able to enjoy some really good discount offers.

Castro Marim Golf

When you come to play on this course, you have to be very careful. This course has some bunkers and water hazards that are strategically placed to claim your loose shots.


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