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General Tutorial On How To Align Your Shots In Golf

Proper alignment of golf shots increases chances of making a hole in one. Good alignment of shots also means the player is likely in a good setup position to make solid contact. There are a few elements to review to ensure shots are aligned to the best of your ability. Overtime you can practice and pinpoint areas of your setup to adjust for better results. Here are a few points to review on how to align your shots in golf.

  • Make sure you are positioned correctly from the ball (behind). Pay attention to how you set up when you are behind the ball. There are players that overlook this aspect and in some cases your body may not be in proper position when standing behind the ball prior to taking your shot.
  • Select a target to aim toward you can make with good precision. In other words, be realistic about where you can hit the ball to from your current position. You are more likely to hit the ball to this area without getting frustrated and it helps narrow your focus while aiming toward your target.
  • Consider a secondary target. This may be referred to as an immediate target but you get the idea. You may have the main target the ball works toward. You can have another target that is realistic, and have a general area you know you can hit the ball and it will land or stop with good control and accuracy.
  • Think about the ball traveling and visualize the play before making it. Many players want to see the ball make a perfect play. In reality you need to think about what you are capable of doing and what you can actually do. Visualize these aspects before taking your shot to give an idea of results that will follow.
  • Make your decision but be swift. Don’t take too long thinking about your shot. Keep things in perspective and make sure your approach is in line with what you anticipate and make your move.
  • The club face should face your secondary target when you take your shot. Your eyes should also line up with this target. How your iron is held as you grip it can make a difference in your swing and how the club face makes contact. Shoulders should be parallel and align other parts of your body including arms, feet and knees.

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