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7 Points To Keep In Mind If You Want To Buy A Lob Wedge

You are looking to purchase a lob wedge, but you do not need to make the wrong choice. This is an understandable plight, especially when you consider the fact that choosing the wrong wedge will affect your progress in perfecting the lob.

The following are some of the most important things that you need to consider when you want to purchase a lob wedge:

  • Your style of play
  • Your level of play
  • The budget
  • Choose professional stores
  • Target practice
  • How often you will be playing
  • The type of wedge

Your style of play

It is often advisable for players to choose the type of lob wedge that they buy based on how they play. No one understands your level of play better than you. If you do not have an idea, you can bring along your instructor to help.

Your level of play

Are you a beginner level golfer or an intermediate player? These might not seem important to you, but rest assured that when you are picking out this lob wedge, these are serious points of consideration. Do not go for the professional lob wedge when you are just starting out.

The budget

The budget will determine what you will be able to purchase. Of course you cannot have the budget of a Prius and expect to purchase a Ferrari with it. Make sure that you stay within your budget with this purchase.

Choose professional stores

Most players, especially beginner players do not know this, but you are best placed to purchase a good lob wedge when you purchase from professional golf stores. They have a lot of staff that will help you find the right wedge for you.

Target practice

This is one of the other perks of purchasing from a professional store. They normally have a practice range. With this in mind, you can try out the wedge before you take it with you, so that you are sure you made the right choice.

How often you will be playing

If you are not an avid golf player, there is no need for you to spend so much on this purchase. However, if you play often, make sure you spend just enough to get a solid lob wedge.

The type of wedge

There are different materials from which these wedges are designed. In most cases the material will determine the price at which you can get this lob wedge, so give it some thought.


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