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Little Golf Tips On Distance From A Professional Player

Are you looking for ways to improve distance on the golf course? There are many actions to consider that can actually improve your game in more ways than one. In many cases, it is how you look at the concept and consider ways to improve your strategy. Practicing is the best way to get results. Achieving good distance isn’t just in how you swing, but there are other elements part of the play that can make a difference when you tweak them just a bit. Here are tips on distance recommended by pro golfers.

  • Improve arc and accuracy by not forcing the swing so much as you swing through the shot. When you swing use about 90 percent of your power. Your physical ability to swing is part of creating distance but not completely behind the concept on its own.

  • Keep your wrists relaxed. This is something few pro golfers recommend. There are some pro golfers you can watch as they swing and see a fine example. Your wrists should feel natural all the way through the shot. If they are too tight or restricted, this can reduce the distance, control, and speed of the club.

  • Make the tee higher. Raising the tee could help get more distance with your swing. Some golfers have been able to gain more yards when switching their tee from a low or mid to high. This also makes it easier for you to make solid contact with the ball and less likely to hit the ground as you come in to hit the ball.

  • Turn your shoulders and back. This is a common error among armatures. When you turn as you swing your body and your club moves toward the direction of the target. Your back should turn at about 90 degrees during the turn when you swing. Doing so gives your body more energy and power for the swing and to hit the ball through.

  • Keep your body fit. When you are not on the green exercise. There are many exercises recommended for golfers. Focus on options that improve muscle mass, help make muscles defined, strength resistance training, and conditioning that focuses on upper body muscles including shoulders, chest, and back. Here are basic ideas on exercises to consider: bike crunches, leg raises, chest or military shoulder presses or deadlifts.

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