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Reasons To Try Playing At Balaia Golf Course At Least Once

Sharpen your short game at Balaia golf course

The course is only 9 holes par 27 so you will be able to improve your short game and your irons. Some of the holes are very short (90 yards or so) so you can sharpen your wedge game and improve your pitching - what most experts consider to be the most important areas of the game. The longest holes will be just under 200 yards so you won't have to reach for the long irons and you will be able to at least reach the greens no matter if you are a short hitter.

A family course

Being 9 holes and not too long, you can take the kids to play with you. Or your friends are beginners; Balaia is a course that is not too long for people just starting out in the game. The course is perfect for beginners to get started on and if you have just had your first few lessons. Beginner players will never forget where they first started playing golf. Like your first love, you never forget your first golf course.

Play it again

If you play the nine holes and have a great time, you can play it a second time (making it a full eighteen hole round) and you'll get a reduced green fee. Play the first 9, have some food or a drink, relax a bit and then go out and play the second nine.

If you choose to forgo the second nine holes, you can spend the time that you would have spent playing the extra 9 holes on the practice green, improving your scoring shots.

Accommodation & other golfing options

The golf course is part of the Balaia Village complex there if you need a place to stay. The resort is upscale resort and only 2km away from the beach.

For other golfing options, you have some other great Algarve courses nearby such as Pine Cliffs, Salgados and Laguna so you can make hay while the sun shines and play lots of golf without having to travel.

High season

The Balaia course is busy from April to August and then quiet from September to March if you don't like lots of traffic on the course.

While the title of this article is: "play Balaia golf at least once", once you have played it, you will probably find yourself wanting to play it again.


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