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Driver Golf Tips For Beginners Who Dream About Professional Career

Great Expectations

Many young golfers dream about a professional career. A young Nick Faldo was once told by a careers advisor as school that: "Only one in a thousand makes it as a professional". The young Faldo's response was: "Then I will be that one." That is the type of attitude that aspiring professional players need to make the grade.

Booming drives

Now while young players in the past could shine at the amateur levels based on having a sharp short game and being able to putt like the devil, nowadays players need to be able to drive the ball far and straight. The drive in golf is a like a first serve in tennis, being able to put the ball in play with lots of power gives you a huge advantage over the other players.

Here are some tips that beginner golfers can apply right away make driving the strongest part of their game.

The loft on your driver

Get a driver with lots of loft if you are a beginner player. Don't let your ego take over and think that you can hit an 8-degree driver. Your driver should have at least 11 degrees of loft or more if you are a beginner golfer. A driver that does not have much loft will be difficult to get in the air and hence will cost you distance. Getting your drives in the air will give you much needed confidence when you are just starting out.

The shaft on your driver

Once you have enough loft on the clubface, you need to get a shaft that is flexible. Again, this will help you get the ball in the air and hit drives that have a longer "hang time". A graphite shaft will be more flexible than a steel one. A shaft that is too stiff will lower your swing speed. A shaft without enough flex will also cause you hit the ball too low and out to the right. A flexible shaft will help the clubhead overtake the shaft and get the ball in the air.

Get stronger

Since Tiger Woods burst onto the scene with his bulging biceps, golf has become a sport where players are required to be athletes. This means that any aspiring professional needs to be fit. To drive the ball far, you need to focus on being strong and flexible.


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