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Advanced Golf Tips For The Most Experienced Players

Are you an experienced golfer? Do you want to know some advance golf tips to better your golfing game? If yes, then this is the place, where you can get to know everything as an experienced golf player. These tips can make your golf game faster, wiser, and better.

  1. Correct your slice
  2. You must make a powerful and wide backswing in order to achieve distance on your golf drive. If have the habit of slicing your golf ball while playing, then make sure that you correct it by making the appropriate adjustments.

    If you are a right-handed golfer, then maybe your left arm is the problem. In this case, you should keep your left arm straight during your backswing. However, if you keep it straight till the chase, then it will slice your golf ball. This is because your left arm tension will not allow you to rotate your right arm naturally, which is important when you hit drives.

    As a result, the face of your club stays open rather than being square at collision and your golf ball slices towards the right. You can fix this problem by bending your left arm during the follow through. Make sure that you practice this technique before you play.

  3. Hit the ball longer to add yards to your drive
  4. Many experienced players, such as Tiger Woods, can hit longer shots off the tee as compared to amateur players. If you too want to add distance to your tee shots, then you can do it by following this tip.

    You must not push your hips towards the golf ball during your downswing. Instead, you must rotate your hips while making your downswing, but do not move them towards the golf ball.

    Plus, when you start your downswing, you should rotate your left forearm. Then square your clubface and then allow your clubhead to let go. Your swing should be halfway down, when you should start dropping your wrists.

  5. Warm-up prior to your golf round
  6. Most of the experienced golf players take one hour warm-up before they begin playing their round. You too should warm-up before starting your game. Begin your warm-up session by walking briskly, so that your blood can start moving. Have a positive attitude and make sure that you make the most of your golfing game.

So, learn from these advanced golf tips and improve your golf game like a pro.


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