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Golf Ball Position: A Great Set Of Tips And Recommendations

Just because a player hits one or two good shots, it doesn’t mean he/she has everything covered and need not improve his/her game. Every golfer is capable of hitting a good shot once a while. But, to achieve consistency one needs to keep on improving their game. One way to stay ahead of other players is to master the perfect golf ball position. In this article, we’ll share a few tips on golf ball position.

  • No, you can’t use the same ball position for each and every golf club and shot. The ideal golf position changes with each shot and club. That’s because golf clubs vary in length and players use different swing techniques to use the clubs of different lengths.

  • Let’s start with the wedge clubs. These are short irons for which the ideal ball position is the center of the stance. The center position should be your choice unless you’re trying a tricky shot with the wedge clubs.

  • If you notice your swing has created a divot (taken a piece of grass) don’t be worried. Actually, a divot is a sign that tells you’ve positioned the ball in the right place. Remember, when using the short irons the club must hit the ball first and then the ground. Keeping the ball at the center will also help golfers create the necessary backspin for the shot. So, if you’re using the pitching, gap, sand, lob wedge, etc. place the ball at the center of the stance – equal distance from both feet.

  • For the next longer clubs like the 5-iron, 6-iron, and 7-iron move the ball half an inch closer to the leading foot (the left foot in the case of right-handed players) and a little away from the body to adjust for the increase in the club length.

  • Follow the above-mentioned rule for each subsequent increase in golf club length. The driver is the longest club in a player’s kit. When you’re using the drive club you’ll be sweeping the ball instead of trying a downward strike. So, the ball must be positioned close to the inside of the leading foot (the right foot for left-handed players and the left foot for the right-handed golfers).

  • We already hinted that it’s not enough to move the ball closer of the front leg with each increase in club length. Players will also have to move the ball further from the body with increased club length.

  • After a while golfers get into a routine, hence forget the basics of golf ball positioning. You need to brush up the ball position skill every six months or a year.

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