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Golf Release Drill: A Simple Lesson From A Professional

Your swings are producing slices and it’s clear you’re not releasing the club properly. Although the cause of the error is plain and simple, you’re unable to do anything about it. You’re not alone; many in the golfing community are having trouble with the release. In this article, we’ll share a simple drill to sort out the release problem.

For your better understanding, we’ll first state the drill and after that explain why this drill works and how to perform the drill properly.

The Stick Drill

You’ll be using a yard long stick for this drill. Assume the normal stance and hold the stick as you would grip the golf club. Throw the yard long stick underarm toward a target that’s about 35 to 40-yard away.

The Drill – Explained

The drill might look simple, sometimes even silly, but routine use of the stick drill will surely improve the release of the club.

Now, let’s discuss the drill in detail. The drill stick needs to be no less or more than a yard in length. An average golf club length is just about a yard; any longer the stick will graze the ground and any shorter you won’t have total control over the stick.

Use the underarm technique to throw the stick. If you look at the golf swing carefully, it would be very clear that the swing is basically an underarm maneuver. Throw the stick with the right hand if you’re right-handed player (use the left hand in case you’re a left-handed golfer).

We don’t want you to attempt a wayward throw, fling the stick towards the target. Throwing at the target will improve your aim; moreover, you’ll be using some of the same movements that normally performed during the golf swing.

The most important part is choosing a target that’s 35 to 40-yard away. This distance is perfect, you won’t have to put all your power into the throw, and at the same time you ensure the effort you put into the throw results in a release that resembles a golf swing. Furthermore, 35 to 40-yard distance will create the right amount lag in the throw. For a proper release and follow-through having the lag is a must.

When you were young, you must have done this a million times. Although this drill is slightly different from a casual throw, the principle is the same. The first few throws might be hard, but you’ll learn to do it properly after a couple of sessions.


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