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How To Learn And How To Play Golf: A Comprehensive Manual

There are many reasons why you should play golf. This game offers you an opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and in that process get in touch with your inner self. You also get to socialize with other golfers and create deeper bonds with friends and colleagues. If you want to experience all the benefits of golf, then don’t wait any longer use the tips given here to learn and play golf.

How to Learn Golf

The only way you’re going to learn golf is by hiring a golf instructor. It’s a bad idea to approach a friend for golf lessons. Sometimes friends don’t want to hurt you, so they won’t correct the mistakes you make.

The instructor usually starts by introducing you to the different types of clubs and their functions. The teacher will instruct you on the proper stance, posture, and grip of the club. This is followed by a series of lessons on the basics of swing techniques. Good understanding of golf strokes – drive, putting, chipping, and pitching – is a must for every budding golfer.

Your golf lessons don’t end with the instructor. Get on the internet and watch golf videos and read articles containing tips, tricks, and instructions on golf basics.

Before you set foot on the golf course, some amount of practice is necessary. Visit the nearest driving range and practice basic golf shots. Practicing at the driving range you’ll learn distance control, focus, and even confidence.

How to Play Golf

Once you master the basics it’s time to head to a 9-hole golf course to play your first round.

Let your golf instructor accompany you when you’re playing your first 9-hole course.

One of the key elements that determine your performance on the course is flexibility. Your muscles must be relaxed before teeing off, so take few minutes to stretch before you begin a round.

Prior to attempting a stroke look around to make sure there is nothing near you that’ll obstruct the swing.

Your muscles are yet to adapt to the game, hence you can’t hit far or accurate. During the initial stages, focus on improving the short game (pitching and putting); this will help you until you strengthen the muscles to hit 200-230 yard drives.

When playing on a full-size course, you’ll be using the putter around 25-30 times, whereas drive clubs are used anywhere between 13-16 times. This shows that by excelling in the short game you can keep your score low.

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