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Rotary Golf Swing Drills For Experienced Golf Players

A lot of the instructions that you will come across in modern golf is aimed at helping you simplify your swing, while at the same time making the swing more effective. For amateurs, this is a good way for you to learn how to play golf faster, and perfect your skill while you are at it. The concept behind such simplifications is normally to help you bring down your game to a few basic moves that will in fact help you catch on faster.

The rotary golf swing is in fact one of such scenarios. This is a move where you basically have your body rotating around a fixed point. In this case, your body rotates around the spine. Since there is very little lateral movement on the follow through or the backswing and at the same time you shift your weight to your right foot, you can easily perform this and learn to play much better with more practice sessions.

Here are some tips that experienced players usually love to use when performing the rotary golf swing:

  • Generating power

  • Swing plane

  • Master the stance

Generating power

For this swing, power should be generated from your core muscles. This means that you will be deriving power from the torso and hips. While doing that, you should have minimum stress placed on the spine and joints, which is something most beginner players never really come to think about often.

Swing plane

Typically, this type of swing is applicable to both single plane swingers and two plane swingers. By design, the rotary swing usually moves along a two plane swing, which can be rather complicated for beginners. Over time therefore, it has become easier to teach students to guide their stroke through a single plane path. This is easier to perform, and you need less time on the practice greens to master the art.

Master the stance

It does not matter what kind of game you are playing in golf, the two basics that will always apply remain the same even for the rotary swing. You have to get the stance and grip right.

One of the best things about the rotary golf swing is the fact that it is relatively one of the simplest swings you will ever get to learn on the course. This also makes it easy for you to figure out where you are wrong, and fix your faults.


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