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The Easiest Method To Cure Your Iron Play Golf Faults

The difference between an average golfer and a professional is the percentage of mistakes and faults that are made during iron play. Amateur golfers can drastically better their game just by analyzing their iron play, recognizing faults, and correcting them. Many of the iron play faults are easy to pinpoint and even easier to correct, if you know what to do. In this article, we’ll show you the most common iron play faults (i.e.) things you should not do, and the best method to cure it.

Iron Play faults and the necessary corrections

  1. Before initiating the swing, do not tilt the spine. Stay relaxed, don’t let the spine title either side, and keep the spine straight. The same goes for the neck. Many golfers inadvertently title the neck one way or the other. This’ll push the body off-balance and result in a faulty iron shot.
  2. When you assume the proper stance, just before the swing, your body weight must be equally distributed on the back foot on both the legs. Maintain the same even while attempting the backswing. As the iron descends down start shifting your weight to the left foot, and by the time club head reaches the finish, nearly 90 percent of the body weight must be on the left foot.
  3. A firm, but not too tight and tensed, grip is a must for a flawless iron play. More than your hands the wrists must be relaxed. That’s because, the wrist is the lever that controls the hands. For a decent, smooth swing a relaxed and flexible wrists with firm hands are a must. Remember, the left wrist mustn’t move. Any movement of the left wrist will result in a faulty shot.
  4. Each hand servers different purpose; the right is to guide the iron in the right direction and for the smooth down swing, whereas the left hand is to keep the club balanced and steady.
  5. An upright stance with no knee flex will unintentionally pull up the club head and result in a faulty shot. You may think this’ll help you hit the ball high and long. The truth is, without the knee flex, the more you try to hit the ball high, the lower it will fly. To play a faultless iron shot, maintain a straight spin and a flexed knee right through the swing.

In a nutshell, for better iron play three steps are crucial: Analyze your play, identify the mistakes, and correct them without delay.


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