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The Best Way To Play Golf In Bad Weather Conditions

As an outdoor activity, you have to consider the vagaries of weather, while playing golf. However the weather need not pay spoilsport on your favorite activity, because of lack of ideal playing conditions. By following the useful tips below, you can have a wonderful time at the game, swing easily and keep your scores minimal.

Be weather ready

The first consideration when you have rain is to keep your hand and grip dry. While comfort plays a key role in a good swing, dry grip gives you more control on the club. Although preparing for rainy weather with rain gloves, umbrella, and rain jacket etc. is well and good, having a couple of dry towels in your cart or bag is an absolute necessity to hold the clubs in a firm grip.

Swing smoothly

In bad weather you cannot expect you ball to travel far. But swinging hard is not the solution here. Keep your balance and try making solid contact with every shot. You may need to take a couple of clubs more for this than the usual number. Try making the swing as smooth as possible.

Spin less

In windy weather, too much swing is not needed. And also avoid giving more spin to your ball. Instead use a smooth and easy swing to get the needed momentum. For snowy weather, use orange color golf balls.

Warm up

If it is possible, try walking instead of riding. The activity will warm you up, so you stay loose and have a good swing. Wear gloves or keep your hands inside your pocket to keep them warm. This way you will not lose control over the club. And keep the balls warm too by placing them inside your pocket, when you are between holes.

Layer up

While the cold weather may force you to put on as many clothes as possible, make sure your clothes do not hamper your swing. Thermal tee shirt with long sleeves, sweater and long sleeved shirt are appropriate for cold weather.

For windy weather, wind breakers and hat preferably a toboggan will keep your warm without interfering with your game.

The last but not the least tip is being realistic. With cold weather, stiff body and ball not travelling far, your chances of high average score will increase. But do not worry.

What matters most is you get to practice even in the bad weather. You can play right from the golf tees with the ball not going far or you can try playing the same golf tees. This will help in using different selections of clubs and shots.


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