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5 Habitual Golf Errors That Can Be Easily Unlearnt

Golfers struggle with many different habits that need to be unlearnt quickly. But usually the problem lies in identifying the problem rather than solving it. Here are five habits you may have adopted without even realizing it—and of course how to unlearn them.

  1. Lifting your shoulders
  2. This is a hard one to notice in yourself. But if you ask someone to watch you swing, they should be able to tell you if you are lifting your shoulders during the downswing. This is usually done because of a subconscious desire to lift—or scoop—the ball. It’s unnecessary to do so, so unlearn this habit by keeping your shoulders straight during your swing.

  3. Convincing yourself of your aim
  4. If you are slicing the ball it could be something as simple as aim. Sometimes golfers convince themselves that their aim is correct without really checking it thoroughly. Slowly—and we mean really slowly—move your eyes from your feet to the target they are aimed at. You will often find when doing this slowly, that you are aiming too far to the right.

  5. Forgetting the follow through
  6. This may once again require the help of an outside observer. Is your follow through going all the way forward (as much as it does on the backswing)? If not, all kinds of problems may be the result: such as your aim and your distance. Make a conscious point of ending your clubface as far forward as it was pulled backward.

  7. Swinging too hard
  8. Players who struggle with distance often try to compensate by hitting as hard as they can. Not only is this bad for your back, but it also compromises on your accuracy. Believe it or not, hitting hard isn’t always the best way to attain distance. Concentrate on your follow through and your technique and distance will be developed as you play more often.

  9. Overshooting your putts
  10. Your handicap will improve if you stop putting the ball over the hole. The secret to learning putting control is to be extremely calm. Use your pull back and follow through to gauge how far the ball will travel. Don’t think that how hard you hit will determine the distance; it’s how far you pull back the putter and how accurately you follow through with it that will make all the difference.


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