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The Secret to Making a Good Chip Shot From a Downslope

A chip shot can be tough in its own right but it’s even harder when you are on a downslope. You can use these pointers when you’re trying to get a chip shot going regardless of how much of a decline is on the hill you are playing from. These ideas entail your posture for the most part but the club can make a slight difference just as well.

Choose a Good Club

The club can make a huge difference. A high-lofted club can help you out by keeping your chip shot even as the loft that would be created will already be cancelled out by the downhill slope. Check on the slope and choose your club accordingly based on the loft that might be cancelled out.

Go Back

You have to go at least an inch further back from the ball than what you are normally used to hitting it at. The club face will get onto the bottom part of your swing when you do this. This in turn makes it easier for you to successfully get more of the ball on your club face. Keep back so you will have enough distance from you and the ball so you’ll have an easier time identifying the overall downslope you are shooting out of.

Move On the Back Foot

Your back foot should hold most of the weight as you swing the ball. This will help you keep your balance. This can also create a slight anchor on the surface so you will keep your shot as even as possible. This in turn should make it easier for your shot to be run right and with more than enough care.

Position Your Shoulders

Your shoulders have to be positioned carefully as you can’t just keep them even. The left shoulder has to be dropped down. You need to create a position where your spin is perpendicular to the slope you are shooting off of. The right shoulder may be adjusted depending on what side of the ball you are shooting on but either way, one shoulder must be dropped down so your spine will be kept perpendicular to the area.

Remember that the positioning and the equipment you use will make a real difference when getting a good shot running. Make sure you watch how your position is run so it will be easier for your shot to be made right without being at risk of having the ball move out in the wrong direction.


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