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How to Have an Amazing Golf Tour

Are you looking for some practical money-saving tips for your next golf tour to Portugal? Well, we have six that we’d like to share with you in the hope that you’ll share them with your friends and get more people to tour the wonderful country of Portugal. It’s a country that is well known for its golf culture. So don't miss out on the opportunity to play there. Here are ways to do so for an affordable price.

Take a crowd of people with you

The more people you take with you, the more likely you are to get discounts. This is true not only for accommodation, but for golfing too. Course fees can be discounted in many ways such as shared golf carts, longer games for the same fee, etc. So chat to some of your golfing companions and see if they are willing to share the costs of accommodation, golfing and travel with you. If they are, you’re all in for an awesome golf vacation.

Budget three months ahead of time

Another good way to obtain a discount is to book your games well in advance. But don’t forget about your travelling expenses. Booking your flights months ahead of time will also give you a great reduction in general travel costs. Accommodation is also slightly cheaper when booked in advance. If you find that it isn’t, ask for a discount.

Stay close to your favourite golf course

Traveling from your hotel to the golf course may end up costing more than it has to. Taxi fares can be costly, so why not avoid them altogether? Stay close—or on—the golf course you wish to play. Many golf courses have on-course accommodation, so make use of this benefit. Most of those same golf courses have on-course pubs and restaurants. At the very least you will find a classy cafe where you can get a decent meal or something to drink. Little things like that will save you big—especially if you’re staying for a week or longer.

Spend less on your meals

Some of these same golf resorts offer free meals for players. If you are staying at a hotel, chances are you will have to pay for some or all of your meals. Rather let the golf resort take care of your meals so that your holiday ends up being cheaper. Better yet, opt for a self-catering option where some quick, affordable grocery shopping is all you need to have a barbeque or a cook-in meal.

Don’t be shy – ask for discount

Asking for a discount in any situation is perfectly fine. Chances are you will get that discount more than half the time you ask for it. That means more spending money! It baffles the mind that so many people are too proud to ask for a discount. It doesn’t mean you’re cheap; it simply means you are money-wise. So ask for discount—there’s no shame in it!

Master one course at a time

You and your friends should adopt a culture of playing one course during your stay. There’s a lot of satisfaction in mastering a course and learning it well before moving on to another one. Don’t bother playing a whole lot of courses during your trip. Master one and become intimately familiar with it as a way to improve your game.

These small changes can collectively save you a lot of money on your golf holiday. If you can’t implement all of them, at least do some so that you can experience what so many others already have.


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